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    On Ashapura Farm & Nursery’s 125 acres of fertile land.

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    "Kesar" Mango is the queen of mangoes widely

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    After acquiring best quality production in the mango fruits

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    We now specialize in the production of Kesar Mangoes.

Welcome to Ashapura Farm & Nursery

On Ashapura Farm & Nursery’s 125 acres of fertile land, we produce a variety of different fruits and vegetables. Our emphasis is on premium flavour and quality, so we seek out and grow those varieties that taste best, and harvest them at their peak. All of our produce is grown organically, in a manner that optimizes the health of the farm’s ecosystem. Kutch is suitable for the cultivation of high quality produce due to its climatic condition, presence of essential minerals in the soil required for high quality produce, etc.

We now specialize in the production of Kesar Mangoes. We started the cultivation of Kesar Mangoes with 100 grafts around 15 years back. 70 grafts out of 100 are passed as mother plant. We strictly follow the organic farming method by using bio-fertilizers and vermi-compost. We provide drip irrigation to the plants since the beginning using latest drip irrigation technology. Since the year 2001, we are exporting high quality Kesar Mangoes to London. We are the only producer and exporter to export the Kesar Mangoes to Kingberry, London within 40 hours. If cargo service is available in Kutch, we can deliver the Mangoes abroad within 15 hours only, and can be exported to the whole Europe.

Over the years, we have not only implemented latest state-of-the-art technology, but also integrated vertically to give ourselves an edge over our competitors. Since last 45 years, we are into the practice of making our trees listen to music for the proper growth and nourishment of our trees. Ashapura Farm & Nursery today stands as the pioneer in the field of fruits export. We have made substantial progress since the establishment.

Ashapura Farm & Nursery had achieved the national acclaim for the production and marketing of high quality Kesar Mangoes by National Horticulture Board, Central Government, there were 3 participants from Maharashtra, 3 from West Bengal, 3 from Uttar Pradesh, but our Mangoes were chosen as the best. Further, we are also grabbing the first position for the last 4 years for the quality of Kesar Mangoes in the whole Gujarat state awarded by Chief Minister and Collector. Ashapura Farm & Nursery stood first in the “Kishan Mahotsav” (Farmer Festival) held in Maharashtra.

We advise the Indian farmers to take the advantage of NHB (National Horticulture Board) which is working for the betterment of Indian agriculture on National level. NHB provides subsidy to the farmers for agricultural farming, which is known by a very few farmers in Kutch. NHB provides subsidy for the leveling of farm till harvesting the produce. State Govt. also provides subsidy to the farmers. Project Report should be used to get the subsidy through NHB. Its Head Office is located in Gurgaon.

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